Customized & adapted solutions to each project!

Solutions dedicated to projects that go beyond the traditional framework of the classic website and to those who wish to opt for custom functionalities. Big Business Coach is an example of our achievements that we have chosen to show you.


Showcase website

Informative web platform consisting of the presentation of an entity, which is personalized in the image of the latter.

Mobile application

Mobile application

An application tool designed and developed to be adaptable to mobile devices: mobile phones, smartphones, tablets, etc.

E-commerce website

E-commerce website

Online sales platform customised to the merchant’s graphic charter and set up according to his requirements.

A successful Web Design!

Contrary to photos and paintings, web design is not primarily intended to flatter the retina of Internet users, i.e. a purpose that is exclusively oriented towards design. A successful web design results in principle from the interweaving of certain fundamental parameters apart from the graphic design, namely the constraints related to accessibility, ergonomics and ease of use. In short, it is an operation that must encompass the visual as well as the user experience.

Thus, a website resulting from a successful web design as in the case of Business 5 To 5 is distinguished by its airy layout, the way information is arranged, its ease of navigation and its web pages designed and developed to be adaptable to all screen resolutions. That said, it is visually pleasing and offers comfortable viewing on very different screen sizes.

A successful web design is also recognizable through the quality of the images used, the way the colours are harmonized, the typographic styles used, the iconography, the design that is minimalist but effective… all with the sole aim of improving UX design and motivating web users to continue browsing.

business more visible

Make your business more visible!

Content marketing

The creation of relevant and high value-added content on the website is synonymous with SEO optimization.

Advertising campaign

The art of developing advertising actions to acquire traffic and generate quality traffic.

Community management

To considerably boost its visibility on the various social media, to further improve its e-reputation and to animate the user community.

A good referencing is essential!

Making a place for yourself on the internet is not just about having an ergonomic and efficient website like WORLD BUSINESS MAGAZINES for instance. It is also necessary to optimize it on search engines thanks to a good referencing.

Where is your website?

Architecture of the website

Crucial technical aspect allowing to have a global view of the website as well as navigational paths.

Traffic and positioning

Position of the website on search engines and its ability to generate qualified traffic.

Semantic content

To combine its requirements in Content marketing with those of SEO, users and search engines.

Is your websiteergonomic?

A website is said to be ergonomic when it is simple to access and easy to use.

graphic charter

Do you need a graphic charter?

For any web project, the graphic charter is of crucial importance because it encompasses all the fundamental rules governing the use of the graphic elements that make up the visual identity of a company, organization or brand. In other words, it graphically translates the entire universe and all the values of a structure. A graphic charter allows, on the one hand, to have a graphic consistency on all web interfaces and, on the other hand, to facilitate reading and navigation due to constant visual cues. Those who wish to benefit from it have in this case any interest to turn to a web agency, whether their website is realized on the basis of a template, or is endowed with a custom design.